The Maguire Scholars Program

*To apply to the Maguire Scholars Program, please fill out the form provided above. Please note that the application should be entered in the form, printed, and submitted directly to the university to which you are applying.

If applying to Penn State, please complete the application online at


  • A lifeline for "students in need"
  • Scholarship support for grades 5-16
  • Provides scholarship dollars to institutions
  • Scholarships serve "families of need" who choose to educate their children through private grade school, high school, and college


  • Offer a continuum of scholarship support from grade school to high school to college
  • Ease the financial burden of a quality education
  • Forge partnerships and strategic alliances with IMS (15) and Faith in the Future and other high schools (29) and universities (23)
  • Improve the quality of life for individuals and their families
  • Support and enrich educated citizens

Primary Education
A Partnership with the Children’s Scholarship Fund and the Independence Mission Schools

High School Education
A partnership with Faith in the Future to provide scholarship assistance to 125 freshmen each year and support them through four years of high school. We support an additional 25 freshmen a year at the following schools: AIM Academy, Cristo Rey, LaSalle College High School, Merion Mercy Academy, Mount Saint Joseph Academy, and Saint Joseph's Prep. We now have a total of 275 Maguire Scholars in High School.

Higher Education
A Partnership with 23 Higher Education Institutions to offer scholarship support for students in area high schools.