The Maguire Scholars Program


  • A lifeline for "students in need"
  • Scholarship support for grades 5-16
  • Provides scholarship dollars to institutions
  • Scholarships serve "families of need" who choose to educate their children through private grade school, high school, and college


  • Offer a continuum of scholarship support from grade school to high school to college
  • Ease the financial burden of a quality education
  • Forge partnerships and strategic alliances with IMS (15) and Faith in the Future Universities (20)
  • Improve the quality of life for individuals and their families
  • Support and enrich educated citizens

Primary Education
A Partnership with the Children’s Scholarship Fund and the Independence Mission Schools

High School Education
A partnership with Faith in the Future to provide scholarship assistance to 125 freshmen each year and support them through four years of high school.

Higher Education
A Partnership with twenty Higher Education Institutions to offer scholarship support for students in area high schools.